How To Buy Your LBI Home


1.         Explore Long Beach Island

Plan to spend time on Long Beach Island to determine what part of LBI you love the most. If you are not familiar with LBI, Long Beach Island  is 18 miles long but has unique residential features and you may prefer one section over another. The north end and south ends tend to be quiet.

Barnegat Light –home of Barnegat Lighthouse is on the north end of LBI. The north end of Long Beach Island tends to be quiet and less crowded-more private.

The central part of LBI has a higher Walk Score. It is very easy to get out and walk to stores, mini-golf, parks, restaurants, and numerous other businesses.

Holgate is on the south end of LBI and it is also a quiet part of the island. The Edwin B. Forsythe Wild Life Preserve is located at the end of Holgate. Enjoy seasonal bird-watching, hiking, fishing and beachcombing.

View my home page for the LBI town layout.


2.         Get Pre-Qualified[i]

Loan pre-qualifying helps you determine the home price you can afford and presents you as a genuine prospect to the seller. A lender typically uses the 28% formula (your monthly mortgage can’t exceed 28% of your monthly income) in approving your loan. Planning your actions and getting pre-qualified will allow you to take advantage of opportunities. A thorough plan will save both time and money!


3.         Long Beach Island Value

Value is in the land -With the decline in Real Estate sales comes an adjustment in land values.  The real appreciation and depreciation lies in the value of the land.  The cost of construction, materials, and labor are consistently on the rise, yet home values go up or down based on the parcel of land they are constructed on.

Most Buyers are excited that they are able to afford a vacation home on LBI!  With attractive mortgage interest rates and reduced asking prices, along with a variety of properties to choose from, it’s a great time to buy LBI!


 4.         Know What You Want

Go to my LBI Real Estate Search page to

Search all properties for sale on LBI.  Know your price range, footage of waterfront desired, wheter you want Oceanfront, Bayfront, Lagoonfront, oceanblock, Oceanside, Bayblock, Bayside, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, age of property, and size of property are all selection criteria one can easily select.


5.         Fixed vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgages[ii]

Adjustable rate mortgages have an initial fixed rate, which is followed by a period of adjustment intervals during which the rate adjusts based on the performance of several key indexes. Typically the initial fixed rate on an ARM is slightly lower than the comparable rate of a fixed rate mortgage.

Fixed rate mortgages allow buyers to take out a long term loan without having to worry about changing interest rates or monthly payments. Most fixed rate loans are offered in either 15 or 30 year terms.

Most buyers will be well served by a fixed rate loan, but each situation is unique. While ARM loans have become less popular in recent years, they can still be a viable option for some buyers – especially those who plan on selling again in the short term. 

With all the major changes in the mortgage business these past two years, interest rates are driven many factors such as credit scores, down payment, purchase vs. refinance, property type, loan program and lock-in period which all affect the interest rate.

 Go to my Mortgage Rates page to connect with a Long Beach Island Mortgage Specialist.


6.         Sign A Contract That Protects You

Make sure that the contract you put on a LBI property allows you to arrange financing, inspect the home and negotiate any problems that you uncover.


 7.         Get A Quality Home Inspection

Paying for a qualified home & termite inspection before you buy a home is absolutely essential for anyone who doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars for repairs.


 8.         A Vacation Home

As a professional Real Estate Broker, I feel a sense of accomplishment when helping a family find their perfect vacation home or investment rental property.  It is a dream come true for many Buyers when purchasing a second home.  A vacation home is a place to escape the stress of work and instead be able to relax with family and friends. Many Buyers enjoy not only summers on LBI but also weekends throughout the year.  There is no better place to enjoy life than at a beach home on Long Beach Island.


[i] Part of the RE/MAX of New Jersey web 


[ii] Part of the RE/MAX of New Jersey web