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Long Beach Island Layout

Long Beach Island is approximately 18 miles long . LBI is made up of six municipalities. The largest is Long Beach Township (LBT) which covers different locations throughout the Island. The other five are Barnegat Light, Harvey Cedars, Surf City, Ship Bottom, and Beach Haven.


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North End

Barnegat Light
High Bar Harbor (west of Barnegat Light)
Harvey Cedars
North Beach


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Surf City
Ship Bottom
Brant Beach


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South End

Beach Haven Crest
Brighton Beach
Peahala Park
Beach Haven Park
Haven Beach
The Dunes
Beach Haven Terrace
Beach Haven Gardens
Spray Beach
North Beach Haven
Beach Haven
Little Egg Harbor section of Beach Haven



From north to south, the Long Beach Island layout is:map_of_LBI-with-towns



High Bar Harbor Long Beach Township (LBT) –lagoons west of Barnegat Light
Barnegat Light
Loveladies LBT
Harvey Cedars
North Beach LBT
Surf City
Ship Bottom
Brant Beach LBT   31st  to 74th   St
Beach Haven Crest LBT   75th  to 83rd  St.
Brighton Beach LBT   84th  to 89th   St.
Peahala Park LBT   90th  to 97th   St
Beach Haven Park LBT   98th  to 107th St.
Haven Beach LBT   108th to 119th St.
The Dunes LBT   120th to  128th St.
Beach Haven Terrace LBT   129th to 133rd St.
Beach Haven Gardens LBT     34th to  28th St.
Spray Beach LBT     27th to  21st St.
North Beach Haven LBT     20th to  13th St
Beach Haven 12th to
     Little Egg Harbor Nelson
Holgate LBT

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