Many Realtor websites link to school ratings sites because property values are correlated to the quality of public schools . Strong schools make strong communities, and strong communities make strong schools

When determining the value of your potential new home, there are is one important consideration that adds value, local schools. Finding a home in an area with good local schools offers selling advantages. The appraiser may not factor in the value, but a good local school system will make your home a high demand home. 

Vote for the School Budget – Support LBI Schools

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● Voters do not need a reason to vote by mail in New Jersey.

● You may vote by mail (absentee ballot) for convenience.

If you need to register to vote, please do so before April 6, 2011. If you need information on registering to vote or for an absentee ballot please contact the

● Ocean County Clerk’s Office 800-722-0291 or

● website