By JESSICA INFANTE    -covering Beach Haven’s change in government since 2007 and here’s her story from


BEACH HAVEN — Voters turned out in large numbers today to elect Edward Kohlmeir, Nancy Taggart Davis, Robert Keeler, S. James White and Charles E. Maschal Jr. to the new, five-member Borough Council to take office July 1.

Kohlmeir received 250 votes; Davis, 326; Keeler, 317; White, 303; and Maschal, 339. James C. Vogel received 177 votes, and Theresa A. Kyriss, 165.

Steve Steiner, chairman of the Charter Study Commission that selected the council-manager form of government that voters approved in November, said he’s “very pleased” that change has arrived. He was impressed with the collegial spirit during a recent candidates’ forum.

“This new government, I think, is going to foster cooperation a lot more than the old one did,” Steiner said.

The three-member commission form, under which the borough has operated for decades, fostered little discussion among officials. Each commissioner oversaw specific municipal departments, such as public works or revenue.

“In the old form of government, each commissioner was in charge of a certain portion of municipal government and they could do whatever they wanted,” Steiner explained. “If one of the other commissioners didn’t think it was a good idea, it didn’t matter.”

While none of the three current commissioners opted to run for the new council, Mayor Michael J. Battista offered to assist with the transfer of power.

“We’re here for a smooth transition and to help any way we can,” he said during the Board of Commissioners meeting Monday.