An article in the SandPaper summarized how evacuation placards (window hangers) will be used during re-entry to LBI. If you missed the article, I summarized the main points below.

A Long Beach Island re-entry plan was completed this March and submitted for approvals from the municipalities. The plan will limit access during an emergency situation. Long Beach Township and Harvey Cedars approved the plan on March 5, 2010.

A placard will be sent to every resident and business- one per household, one per business, and one per renter (non seasonal). A renter can show a copy of their lease to obtain a placard. The placards will be color coded for the three areas of LBI. The Central area is Surf City, Ship Bottom, and Cedar Bonnet Island. The North area is North Beach, Harvey Cedars, Loveladies, Barnegat Light, and High Bar Harbor. The South area is Brant Beach down through Beach Haven and Holgate.

Cars without placards are not getting on.  Resident property owners with proper identification who do not have their placards will be directed to an area to obtain one but identification may require a tax bill or utility bill with a driver’s license.

Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 and emergency re-entry placards may be mailed out as early as June 1, 2010. Each municipality is responsible for mailing out placards to its residents.

Evacuation is a stressful event and it’s likely that you may forget your placard and I find it hard to believe that someone would remember to take a utility bill with them under those circumstances. At any rate, that is the plan and officials will hold at least one meeting outlining the plan to the public. When you get your placard, keep it safe…it’s $50 to replace it.

I listed some Long Beach Island township emergency links if you need a list of things you need in an emergency since it may be several days before you are allowed back home to allow enough time for emergency responders to deem the area safe.

Harvey Cedars Police-Emergency management

Long Beach Township Police –Emergency Management

Beach Haven police Emergency Management